Competence areas:


  1. How to lead a Project in China; Project Management;Task-Forces

  2. How to create new vehicle after legal and urban parameters

  3. New vehicle complete design, construction and simulations of statical dimensions and dynamical behaviour

  4. New Technology which changes base material DYNAMICAL behaviour (stiffness&damping) and can very easily be used on steel, aluminium, plastics, rubber, air intake, aero-flaps etc.

  5. New hybrid system in preparation, full autonomous, very powerful, changed roles between hydraulical pressure and electric motor.

  6. Special online measurements inside engine (e.g. valve temperatures) with a very professional Team of high-end KNow-How companies.

  7. Seminar Speaker, Moderation and Speaker roles in international Expos

  8. Long innovative Engineering Experience

  9. Quality awareness (Dr.Kano/Tokyo University)

  10. Engine Development and functional application

  11. Motor-Racing/race engineering

  12. Used to work in international and very challenging projects

  13. Investigations for Exhaust Emission Reduction (like measuring urea injection for SCR catalyst)