Reino Race Consulting GmbH

Race Engineering Experience

Data recording

Have worked for both – car and motorcycle teams as data engineer

Engine and common mapping work

Adjustments of Lambda and Ignition maps for smooth power delivery according to single gears or individual tracks

Functional Strategy between Traction Control and Engine Mapping

Application of other electronical functions

Frame and suspension set-up with help of simulation programs and practical measurements

3D Measurement of important frame points

Using 3 simulation programs (1 program extra for suspension components/hydraulics, 2 programs for frame adjustments including the hydraulical stiffness changes)

Additionally data recording data combined with the simulation

Strategy between tyre wear condition, temperature and simulation

Strategical planning and coordination for test sessions and race weekends.

By connecting all of my experience areas (GP-Pilot, engine and ECU function development, simulations, NVH know-how) I can offer unique service for any team and on any level of competition

Optimizing Classic Race Bikes

Target is to give new life for forgotten race engines

Target is also to optimise the engines with modern simulation programs and durability calculations, and essential optimisation of each component still keeping the original outlook of the engine.

All vehicles can be driven and adjusted by Reino himself on race track 

Full service possible (keeping vehicle serviced, repaired, storaged in safe workshop and transported to event)

“Jeder kann Bauteile “zusammenschrauben, aber wenige können diese Teile optimieren. Viele Bikes die ich gemacht habe, stehen in Hockenheim Museum fahrfertig oder laufen bei Kunden in Classic events.”