Reino Race Consulting GmbH

Engine Development and Engine Design

2-cylinder 2-stroke diesel for hybrid usage as early-stage prototype. IAA, Frankfurt 2014.
Engine Development - In assembly
2-cylinder 2-stroke diesel for hybrid usage as early-stage prototype in assembly.

2-stroke and 4-stroke race engine development

V6 Diesel engine development

Special prototypes

Strategical engine studies (Competitor Analysis;)

Optimizing Complete Engine system behaviour

Special Online-Measurements (From 100 Hz up to 124 kHz sample rate in real time; also dynamical situations can be recorded)

Valve Temperatures (Gasoline turbo-charged engines)

Oil Temperature and pressure inside bearing (in planning)

Piston Temperatures (in planning)

Combustion pressure statistics contra vibrational behaviour

Through network bigger development programs possible!

Engine Measurements with Dyno

Component development

Piston, cylinder, con-rods, crankshafts

External Component development like

Hydraulics (Injection)


Exhaust systems