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Reino Eskelinen - Reino Race Consulting

My name is Reino Eskelinen.

I am a race engineer with 40 years of experience in the automotive industry.

My Company

Reino Race Consulting GmbH, Co., Ltd. (RRC)

International Consulting Company
Automotive and Motorcycle R & D

Takes on my experience

Project management in vehicle development process. Also in China for a Chinese manufacturer.

Complete Vehicle Development with component design, construction and using many different simulation programs for parts (chassis, suspension, wheel hangers) and complete vehicle (CPOG, dynamical driving simulation)

Combustion Engine Development (2-stroke, 4-stroke, 6-stroke (yes I made one running!))

Special measurements inside combustion-engine (e.g. valve-temperature)

3D measurements for engine components, chassis etc.

ECU Functions and Applications

Race Engineering

Engine mapping, electronics

Chassis & Suspension set-up with simulation

Refine your race engine, machining parts, full service

Coaching of young engineers with know-how transfer

Seminars in areas of MC-design, driveability, hybrid etc.


Reino Eskelinen - Reino Race Consulting

My services – Race Consulting

Very professional network of companies with rare and high-level know-how. Taking responsibilty through Reino Race Consulting (advantage: one contact-partner representing the whole network towards client) very demanding projects can be concretisized as has happened in last years.

Coaching of younger engineers through concrete project work.

Simulations of 2-stroke and 4-stroke (and 6-stroke) engines for optimised power/fuel consumption and component development with prototypes. Special (prototype) workshop for engine build, and machining with special tools

Chassis simulation with optimisation of dynamical chassis behaviour.

3D measurements of chassis and engine components.

Vibrational and acoustical measurements & analysis directly at client everywhere in the world with mobile measurement system and analysis programs.

Applicational work on test tracks overall in the world/ organisation of test sessions for complete vehicles

Benchmark service by comparing different cars/motorcycles and giving feedback for needed development directions

Increasing consulting activity area to Asia

Coaching of race teams

Strategical planning and preparation of test sessions and race weekends

Simulational support for frame & suspension set-up and long-term development with help of different simulation programs and co-operation with KIT/Karlsruhe


Reino Race Consulting – 40 years of experience and expertise – at your service